Mona and MONSA would like to personally thank each and everyone of the individuals that were able to travel down to Jefferson City this past Nurse Advocacy Day. It was truly an important and impactful day to remember.

With over 800 nursing students attending we were able to speak our voice, talk to our representatives, and work towards making a difference for all patients and citizens of the great state of Missouri. 

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We did it!

Nurse Advocacy Day attendees arrive at the Capitol Plaza Hotel at 7:00AM on February 21, 2018. They are greeted with a continental breakfast and awesome exhibitors. 

Elections/Nominations Director Abigail Burris and Southern Director Laura Morris, talking to some potential NSNA/MONA members. Lots of networking and lots of goodies!

MONA State Director Heidi Lucas MPA, discuses very important topics that have reached both the capital and the Senate. She provides information and why we should take a closer look at these topics.

Sen. Jill Schupp accepts an award from President Terry Reese on behalf of Mona in front of a group of Missouri student nurses. 

750 student nurses congregating in front of the Capitol Building at Jefferson city to take a picture on Nurse Advocacy Day. 

MONSA President, Adrienne Emma, addresses the crowd during the opening session stressing the importance of involvement and how we can play an integral role in advocating for our patients and our citizens. 

MONSA executive board in front of the Capitol Building at Jefferson City during Nurse Advocacy Day.

Enjoy the rest of these pictures: