APRIL 5-9, 2017

Meet and network with students, faculty and nursing leaders from across the USA. General sessions, seminars, workshops and poster presentations will enhance your academic and clinical skills and you will expand your network at social events and in the exhibit hall. Graduating seniors will gain confidence with the NSNA/Wolters Kluwer Mini Review. NSNA’s highest policy-making body, the House of Delegates, will engage state and school chapter leaders in resolutions and elections. Plus… faculty programs will ensure that there is something for everyone in Dallas, TX.

Lifelong memories, leadership opportunities, networking and endless educational opportunities awaits you.


Below you will see how MONSA spent the days down in Texas for the 65th NSNA Annual Conference. You will also see the awards the state of Missouri won! 

Brandie Dennis, MONSA Secretary, accepts the website award for Missouri Nursing Students' Association. Out of the hundreds of submissions, our website was named best in its class of "redefining" the image of NSNA. This is something we call all be proud of!

Representing University of Missouri, Elizabeth Kimsey submitted a copy of their 2017 SNA Bylaws and Policies and was able to earn her school a certificate of recognition! A wonderful achievement that truly deserves national recognition!

Pictured here is our Public Relations Director, Arel Roxas, with Anna Recer who was named the 2017 Project In Touch Grand Prize winner. Her efforts this year helped her school, Barnes-Jewish College of St. Louis, MO, gain more than 90 new NSNA members! This is an outstanding achievement for both Barnes and the state of Missouri! It truly shows that all though we may be a smaller state, we can still make a HUGE impact. Congratulations again to Anna and Barnes-Jewish College of St. Louis.

At this years NSNA Annual Convention, there were 2,473 attendees, and out of those students, 558 were registered delegates! This was an overwhelming turn-out because it meant that each state was being represented at some level during he house of representatives pictured below. To the right, you can see a the delegates that represented the state of Missouri. We had a total of 10 delegates this year, Thank you to those who took the time to be delegates this year! 

It is hard to believe that we were able to fit over 2000 people at the Hilton Anitole Hotel, but we did it. This years NSNA Convention was a tremendous experience! I hope that returning attendees and first time attendees were able to learn new things about our growing profession, as well as meet new faces that may possibly be your closest friends and colleagues in the near future! The picture above shows just a small portion of the student nurses that make up our organization, and does not compare to the other 65,000 around the nation.  

As a Board, we hope we can see everyone that we met at future conventions, and till we meet again we also challenge you to continue seeking knowledge, continue your intellectual journey, and to never waiver when faced with adversity. 

With Respect,

MONSA Board of Directors