Get Social

Get social with MONSA.

This page is designed to allow nursing students across the state of Missouri who have an SNA chapter to share what there school has accomplished to fulfill the core values of NSNA.

We encourage you all to share a picture with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the email provided below that shows, as well as describe, what events your SNA chapter has done to encourage leadership, professionalism, and educational development. 

Your experiences however are not confined to just events. It can also be any programs that your chapter has initiated on campus like a mentor-mentee program. 

The goal of this page is to show how nursing schools across the state of Missouri are striving for great accomplishments.  

Example Post:

On February 21st, MONSA participated in a legislative day known as Nurse Advocacy Day. The board traveled from all corners of Missouri to join 750 other nursing students at Jefferson City in order to speak to their district senator and representatives about the importance of healthcare. This event helped the board, as well as many other students to build an understanding of how politics and nursing go hand in hand, as well as have the opportunity to network and develop their professional and leadership skills.